Whilst an aesthetically pleasing kitchen space and one that is also functional with plenty of storage can seem to oppose each other, there is a way to marry the two. A very simple way of ensuring the two go hand-in-hand is by incorporating a pantry or larder cupboard.

Whether you have a spacious walk-in pantry or a compact cupboard, a thoughtfully designed pantry can maximise your storage space and add character to your kitchen. So, if you are wanting to have your own pantry or larder cupboard in your home, here's some top tips and inspiration so that you can have the best of both worlds.

This bespoke larder cupboard by Holland Kitchens features two large pull-out drawers and shelving units to hideaway appliances. The doors neatly fold away to efficiently make use of the compact space in which the cupboard is situated. It is a beautifully crafted cabinet that ensures clever use of space, combined with a functional interior for storing the everyday items.

Another brilliant way to utilise a larder cupboard is to create a separate,dedicated work top space. This kitchen larder cupboard by Krantz Designs integrates a coffee machine and a dedicated worktop space to create a coffee station. Above are additional shelving spaces for an optimised storage solution. 

This larder cupboard by Fluid Home Interiors is dedicated to breakfast time, with integrated shelving on the inside of the doors for an added use of space. Appliances such as a toaster and coffee machine are hidden behind the beautiful white shaker cabinet doors. Clear glass or plastic containers for dry goods like cereals not only keep your larder cupboard looking neat but also make it easy to see when you’re running low on supplies.

If you have the space for more than a larder cupboard, this luxury, traditional walk-in pantry by Oaklea Interiors is a stunning example. Neutral colour schemes and shaker style cabinets finished with the Aubyn Collection creates not only a beautiful interior space, but one that is incredibly functional.

This more modern yet just as eye catching pantry by Colin Maher Design features a decadent colour scheme, incorporated with a varied mix of texture and styling to create a unique and eye-catching interior. In this space wicker baskets have been cleverly used to add not only a textural element to the space but an incredibly functional way of storing different household goods.

Things to consider if you are creating your own walk-in pantry or pantry cupboard: 

  • Measure the dimensions you are working with: Start by measuring the available space for your pantry cupboard. This will help you determine the size and type of storage solutions that will fit best. 
  • Identify your storage needs: Consider what items you need to store in your pantry. Do you have a lot of canned goods, dry ingredients, snacks, or kitchen appliances? Knowing what you need to store will guide your organisation strategy. 
  • Lighting: Good lighting can make a big difference in a pantry cupboard. Consider installing LED strip lights or motion-sensor lights inside the pantry to brighten up the space and make it easier to find items. 
  • Pull-Out Shelves: If you have deep pantry shelves, consider installing pull-out shelves or drawers. These allow you to access items at the back without having to reach or move other items out of the way. 
  • Adjustable Shelving: Opt for adjustable shelves that can be customized to fit different heights of items. This flexibility ensures you can store both tall bottles and short jars efficiently. 

By assessing your space and needs, choosing the right storage solutions, utilising every inch of space, and adding a touch of style, you can create a pantry that works for your lifestyle and enhances your kitchen. 

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