Our Dedication To Craft

1. Design Concepts & Inspiration

It all starts with our dedicated design team expressing their creative flair. Our design concepts come to life through inspiration taken from many sources such as heritage pieces of art or beautiful elements of nature. This is where art meets engineering and our designers put pen to paper and begin to bring ideas to life.

2. In-House 3D Visualisation & Printing

Hand sketches of design concepts are translated into technical CAD drawings and printed prototypes to explore manufacturing feasibility, product practicality and ensure durability.

3. Material & Finish Selection

Each one of the collections in our range is unique and therefore we meticulously select material & finish choices that best reflect the design features. Our factories work with a range of materials, including brass, zamak and aluminium.

4. Tooling

Once design concepts have final sign off and materials and finishes are selected we invest in tooling. Once master off-tool samples are quality approved, our products are ready to be manufactured in volume.

5. Manufacturing & Finishing

We bring furniture to life through the finest quality products. Our team of skilled engineers and craftsmen use their dedication, expertise and passion to ensure our manufacturing and finishing processes always deliver the highest standards, ensuring peace of mind.

6. Quality Assurance & Testing

When you choose Hendel & Hendel have complete confidence knowing that our products go through
a rigorous in-house testing and quality control processes. Creating the best is what we do.