Choosing cabinet hardware can be daunting when there are many options of style; shape, length, and finish. Fortunately, we have written a full guide on how to choose the right cabinet hardware for your space which will give you some advice if you are struggling. But when it comes to deciding on the finish, it becomes complicated when there are different names to describe different finishes. A question we get asked often is - what really is the difference between dark brushed brass and brushed satin brass?

As the name suggests, Dark Brushed Brass has a darker, richer overall tone compared to the brighter bold shade of Brushed Satin Brass.

Dark Brushed Brass is often described as having an antique appearance, with heavier and more visible brushed markings. Brushed Satin Brass, however, has a brighter mustard gold colour with subtler brush marks across the surface. 

The hand application of brushed detailing creates a unique finish to each piece. This detailing is more evident on all Collections in Dark Brushed Brass due to the contrasting undertones. 

Satin brass also undergoes a brushing process, but it is aimed at achieving a smooth, satin-like finish rather than a textured one. You will find the subtle brushed detailing more noticeable on cup handles, or larger, flat areas of a hardware piece.  

Dark Brushed Brass is often chosen for its vintage or rustic aesthetic. It pairs well with traditional or transitional design styles and adds warmth and character to a space.

Satin brass offers a more modern and refined look. It can complement a variety of design styles, from contemporary to mid-century modern, and adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Both finishes can deliver a cohesive and fitting touch to the interior. If you are after a more rustic and subtle finishing touch, Dark Brushed Brass may be the better alternative. However, if you want a bolder choice opt for Brushed Satin Brass, for that guaranteed pop of colour. 

Still unsure as to which finish to go for? Our best piece of advice is to order a sample and see. Once you have made your decision you can return to us for free. 

Many of our collections are available in both Dark Brushed Brass and Brushed Satin Brass finishes, so if your heart is set on a particular collection, we have you covered. 

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