Dark Brushed Brass and Burnished Brass are incredibly popular finishes right now with many interior enthusiasts opting for the warm, dark shades. 

Both hardware finishes are perfectly suited for interiors looking to add a timeless or rustic finishing touch to the space. Choosing between them can be difficult when both finishes could easily be used in the same interiors. So, what is the difference between Dark Brushed Brass and Burnished Brass and which interiors do they suit? 

Dark Brushed Brass


  • Dark brushed brass has a darker, more consistent but muted golden tone. 
  • The brushing process achieves a striking antique finish which adds a distinct warmth to any handle design 
  • The lighter satin finish under the patina adds a modern, sophisticated feel to the hardware, so it’s well suited to contemporary or industrial design schemes. 


  • Typically the finish is baked with matt lacquer, so the darker brush marks don’t change as the handle ages or is used. This subtle texture also helps mask fingerprints and minor scratches. 
  • The finish is more understated, offering a less reflective surface compared to polished brass or polished nickel 
  • The dark patina creates a sense of depth and richness, providing a nuanced aesthetic 

Burnished Brass


  • Burnished Brass has a warm, golden-brown hue that is naturally brighter and richer in its golden tones than dark brushed brass. 
  • The finish is more organic and varied in its look 
  • If unlacquered, such as the Westgate Catch, it will develop a natural patina over time, and oxidise, adding to its natural charm. 


  • The tumbling process used to give its organic appearance gives Burnished Brass a beautiful, aged appearance, creating a classic and timeless look. 
  • It can be more reflective than Dark Brushed Brass in its natural state, although the burnishing provides a softened glow. 


  • If unlacquered, Burnished Brass is usually left to age and darken over time 
  • The natural patina can be appealing, but if a brighter look is desired, the hardware will require an appropriate metal wax to prevent oxidisation. 

Whilst both finishes can work well in similar spaces, Dark Brushed Brass is ideal for a modern, sophisticated aesthetic with lower maintenance. Its textured, muted finish offers durability and hides imperfections well. On the other hand, Burnished Brass provides a classic, elegant appearance that ages naturally with use, suitable for traditional or eclectic styles. However, it requires more upkeep if you wish to maintain its polished look. If you still need assistance, our team are here to help! Just get in touch with us. Remember, every detail matters, and the right cabinet hardware will be the finishing touch that transforms your home. 

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