Ribbed textures have taken the interior design world by storm over the last few years. We cannot be the only ones who has seen *many* Instagram reels of people adding ribbed textures to a whole host of Swedish furniture. And we are here for it. It is a terrific way of adding a contemporary texture to your space. Plus, because of the way the light plays on the grooving, ribbed designs also add an element of visual interest. It can often be the standout centre piece of the room.

Whether it's ribbed textured walls, coffee tables or drinking glasses, the design is becoming a staple in many interiors. Naturally, we thought we would add cabinet handles to that list. Thanks to a few of our signature cabinet handle collections, we have you covered if you want to incorporate a ribbed texture onto your cabinetry.

The Battersea Collection 

The Battersea Collection is a simple and understated design that is enhanced by the ribbed detailing. Embodying the iconic design of Battersea Power Station, the collection is characterised by its distinctive linear grooves. The texture enhances the simple silhouette to give a tactile, striking finish. Available in a Pull Handle and a T-Bar Knob, it is a minimalist incorporation of the ribbed detailing. 

The Barrington Collection 

The Barrington Collection has a bold flair in comparison to Battersea. This signature collection features a striking ribbed texture, taking elements of inspiration from Art Deco Design.  Tactile form blended with distinctive detailing makes this collection a popular choice with its bold industrial flair and delicate details, the Barrington collection makes a statement. The Barrington Collection is without doubt a Hendel & Hendel community favourite.

The Hudson Collection 

The Hudson Collection features an intricate grooved section and smooth ends on each piece. Like Battersea, it is a streamlined design with an impressive juxtaposition created through contrasting textures and balanced proportions.

If you are looking at updating your cabinet hardware let the trends guide you and explore the Battersea, Barrington and Hudson Collections. If you still need some inspo you can head over to our Instagram to see how our community has styled their new hardware.